Some encouraging words and perspective to keep on going.

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Honestly…, I have no idea what kind of title do I need to give for this kind of writing. This is not the type of article I used to write, but I think it will be beneficial for a lot of people out there — I really hope so — .

Finding your life purpose and goals in life.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of people working only for the sake of living (of basic survival). People don’t think about their life goals anymore because they might not know about it or they just don’t care, or maybe since they are busy, they don’t have any time to think about it.

Is it possible to live the life we all long for?

I believe that having a true purpose in life is the core of our existence. It is the main reason of why you wake up everyday doing your day job and live. It is that simple, but so substantial.

Your personal goal is relevant for you and for you only. Don’t degrade yourself for whatever you feel that is your life goal. Hold dear to it and build your life around it.

A little bit of downside of it is, it takes time. It takes time to uncover of what you want and how you want to reach your goals. If you persistent, focus and clear-minded enough, I am sure the goal of your life is actually waiting just right around the corner.

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Acknowledge your true value.

Have you found out what is your value? What is it the X factor that makes you different from anybody else? Something that makes you, YOU. Let’s step back a little bit shall we.

Did you know that most brands building their image or marketing strategy by emphasizing what they can do compared to what their competitors can’t do. They try to make others looking bad while making themselves looking good. By having these comparison people will be easily believe “Yep, that’s one is better.”

I am not a specialist in marketing strategy of someone who has master degree in marketing and communication. I am saying this based on the experiences I have regarding this topic.

In the early days of my career life, people look down on what I do. The knowledge that I have. Too young, too Asian, single (I don’t even know this could be A problem), and a lady! #rolled-eyes

I self-valued myself after those encounter and really look into myself. What is wrong with the other person and me. I try to find how they actually see ‘me’ and how I see ‘me’ and how other people who actually know me see ‘me’. Long story cut short, I found what my true value is. I know what I can do and I do it better than anyone else.

Focus on what you know, have and execute well. If you are not good enough, practice. If you are not there yet, keep on moving. Even you are slow, if you keep on doing it, you will get there eventually. Polish your value.

Let me tell you one secret. Once you find your true value, no one -let me repeat- NO ONE will be able to take you down. They might shout and despise you, but you will never go down. That’s the true power of true value.

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Remember why you start.

How many times in your life you feel like quitting? Every feeling is unique from person to person but when you feel like quitting something (unless it’s an unhealthy relationship) one mantra for you “Remember why you start.

Why did you start it? You must know the reason of why you want to start something, therefore if you meet hardship along the journey, you will holding on and find your way. When you loose your way, remember the reason. It is like anchor to hold you whenever you feel like slipping and loose your way.

The higher you go (in business, career and life) the stronger the wind blows. You must be prepared for every challenges and experiences that you will go through. Hence, remember why you start.

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