Curate Information By Deploying The Nobleman Star

Build and curate your personal database

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We are living in a fast world where pieces of information travel way faster than the light speed. I’ve read an article about information pollution once and I felt that to be true. The advancement of technology helps us grow this fast and information travel conveniently. But, at what cost?

It’s good that people are sharing what they know on the internet and that’s why information becomes accessible anytime, anywhere. When there is an abundance of information and sharing, the next step would be, knowing which information is relevant to your situations, and which one to deploy.

That’s why building your own database (curated information and experiences) is crucial nowadays. Unless you are a collector of some valuable information, you definitely want to put the knowledge to good use.

In this article, I will focus on how you can use Feng Shui to help you curate the list of information and sort out between the relevant information with the ‘fillers’.

Using the Nobleman Star

There are several types of Nobleman Star. Your personal Nobleman Star which is static your whole life, the yearly Nobleman Star, or Nobleman Star based on the Feng Shui formula to name a few.

We are going to focus on using the Nobleman Star based on Feng Shui formula of the year. We are going to focus on Star 1, the Nobleman Star, Creativity, and Inspiration Star.

Flying Star Feng Shui Star 1 Location by FLOUSTUDIO

Star 1 The Nobility Star,

governs creativity and inspiration. It also represents nobility. This year (2021), Star 1 lands on the South sector. You could use the South sector or while doing activity facing the South direction.

Feng Shui applications usually using sector (location) or facing (direction).

Then, how to use this Star 1 to fish out the relevant information that you are looking for?

You could position your working area in the South sector of your house, or you could also redirect your working desk facing the South direction.

When you are consciously using the energy while doing your work, you will be able to sort out the unnecessary information from the useful one. You might find yourself navigating through the information easier and smoother. Star 1 is one of the higher quality energy compared to the other stars.



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