Feng Shui Perspective about Design for Human Health

While brainstorming and searching ideas for my next article, I stumbled across this article here. I thought it would be nice to give some perspectives about it.

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There is an increased global awareness of how design can improve human health,” said BAC President Ted Landsmark.

Based on the article, this new program designed to provide students with the knowledge to assess and design private-public space based on the activity and psychology of the user to contribute well-being. Check the link here to read the full article about it.

Tian Yi aka The Heavenly Doctor Sector.

Feng Shui has always been focusing on the wealth factor in someone’s life. How to enhance the wealth sector? How to make more money? I would like to make more wealth, and so on. That’s the very first question people ask when they meet their consultant. How to make more money next year???

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It could be an ‘Asian’ thing that we do focus on the wealth side rather than on any other side.

Please pardon, but I guess many people will agree about this notion.

We tend to forget that -actually- when we live harmoniously, abundance come into our life and wealth as we all know it, also come into the package. You might have lots of money but you might not live harmoniously. On the opposite side, if you live harmoniously, you might -also- have lots of money. At least you will not feel lack of it.

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So, to balance things out slightly, let’s also pay attention to the health factor as well.

There is particularly one sector in your house representing one’s health condition. It is called Tian Yi or also known as Heavenly Doctor sector. Whatever condition that area is, that area representing one’s health condition. Mentally-physically, both.


If that your Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor) area happens to be a storage room where you keep all of the unnecessary things, then you might feel not comfortable inside, hard to focus, have no desire or goal to reach, and cloudy judgement. On the other hand, if it happens to be your bedroom or home office room, then generally we can say your general health is good.

Side note. There is no 100% good and 100% bad in Feng Shui. The terms ‘good’ here means favourable to you. You might not like it, but it’s favourable to you.

Where is my Tian Yi sector?

Since we are using 8 Mansions, you will to find out your Life Gua number. And if you don’t know how to calculate it, you might want the article I’ve written about it here, or simply google it. Try typing “Life Gua Calculator” choose one and input the data.

I never tried those website shown on the results, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy. *grin*

Back then I mention the Life Gua number as “The Number”. Please don’t be confused while reading the article.

Once you’ve already known your Life Gua Number, check the list below to find out where is your Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor) sector.

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East Group

Consists of Gua #1, Gua #3, Gua #4, Gua #9.

Tian Yi direction/sector for Gua #1 is in the East (E), Gua #3 is in the North (N), Gua #4 is in the South (S), and Gua #9 is in the Southeast (SE).

West Group

Consist of Gua #2, Gua #6, Gua #7, Gua #8.

Tian Yi direction/sector for Gua #2 is in the West (W), Gua #6 is in the Northeast (NE), Gua #7 is in the Southwest (SW), Gua #8 is in the Northwest (NW).

After you locate the Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor) sector, you should pay attention to that area’s well-being conditions. Avoid clutter the area by putting unnecessary things and keep the area airy, clean and tidy.

I also think that it’s a good time to do some minor cleaning just to tidy things up. So, it is a good time for you to check up your Tian Yi sector. Who knows what good things might come to your life afterwards. Nobleman perhaps?

Check my other article if you like this type of article here.

I hope you enjoy reading it, since I enjoy myself while writing it.




Self-cultivate and improve life using a holistic approach of Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi, Feng Shui, QMDJ) to have a #harmoniousliving and #prosperouslifestyle

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Self-cultivate and improve life using a holistic approach of Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi, Feng Shui, QMDJ) to have a #harmoniousliving and #prosperouslifestyle

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