Flying Stars: Understanding the Host-Guest Relationship

A complementary article to further understand Host-Guest Relationship

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>> Hello friends.

I hope you are well. In this article, we are going to continue talking (and learning) about the ‘Host and Guest’ relationship. This relationship is based on the interaction of five elements to one another and is used to understand what sort of outcome when a certain star visit a certain sector in your house.

To clarify things a bit, there are nine Stars in total, five elements and each of them has its element. Star #1 is Water element. Star #2, #5, and #8 are Earth element. Star #3 and #4 are Wood element. Star #6 and #7 are Metal element and lastly, Star #9 is Fire element.

Five Type of Interaction

There are five types of interaction between the Stars. Produce in, counter in, the same element, produce out, and counter out. We like the first three interactions. Why we like it, here’s an analogy to it. Do you like it when guests are coming to your home and bringing presents? Why… yes! This is an analogy that’s being told to me during my training several years ago. I like the concept and I will pass them to you too.

So, what happens with the produce out and counter out interaction? It is translated into ‘you have to go out and hunt for what it is that you want’ scenario, which usually what we do not prefer.

Example 1

To make it easy to understand let’s try it in an example. Let’s just say that the Host is Star #2 and the Guest us Star #7. What kind of interaction they have? Star #2 is Earth and Star #7 is Metal. So, Earth produces Metal. It means Star #2 and Star #7 are having a Produce Out interaction. The Host produces out the Guest. Do we like this? … No, we don’t.

Example 2

The Host is Star #6 and the Guest is Star #9. What kind of interaction they have? Star #6 is Metal and Star #9 is Fire. It means, the Guest counter in the Host. Now… we like this interaction. Remember, the guests are bringing the presents for you.

Example 3

Let’s have a final example. The Host is Star #3 and the Guest is Star #4. Both of them is Wood element, therefore, yes, we like it.

Photo by Andres Haro on Unsplash

So, what does it mean?

Let say you are sleeping in a room where the Guest producing in. It means that the outcome that you wish for, there’s a high possibility that you will get it. If you are working in a home office and the Host is countering out. Well… it means you will need to exert your energy to get the outcome that you want.

I will explain even further in the real-life context in the next article to completely understand the whole concept. In the next article, you will need your House Flying Star Natal Chart. Prepare it well and…

>> I’ll see you soon!



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