Handle The Calamity Star 5 Yellow

There are nine stars in total in Flying Stars Feng Shui. This is a short article about Star 5 also known as The Calamity Star.

Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

In the previous article, we were talking about how to handle the Illness Star, which is suddenly stealing the spotlight this year because of the Covid-19 situation.

Star 5 Yellow is a very prominent star. The energy pattern is very fiery, fierce, and ‘wild’. When you are looking a ferocious mountain ranges, you can imagine that mountain as the energy of Star 5.

Star 5 is an Earth element. Usually, metal objects are being used as a conduit to mitigate the ferocious earth energy. The real form of energy to mitigate Star 5 is actually lies in the timing of when you put the object. So, not so much on the object itself (metal material is preferable still).

So, how to a actually handle and mitigate Star 5?

Do you remember the formula that we use to handle Star 2? Let me help you to remember it. The formula is to combine the number into ten. Therefore, we are going to sum the number five until it forms a number ten.

Flying Stars Feng Shui of 2021 by FLOUSTUDIO

Number 5 needs to meet another number to be resulting into ten. Star 5 this year resides in Southeast this year. Therefore, we will going to be locating the small taiqi of Star 5. What this means is, you need to mark the Southeast sector out of the Southeast sector of the house.

Let me try make it simpler. Let say your Southeast sector is a bedroom. To mitigate the Star 5, we will need to locate the Southeast sector of that bedroom. We are going to put the metal object (as a conduit of mitigation) in that Southeast sector of the bedroom. We want to make the numbers resulting in number ten.

A special date and time need to be chosen carefully by the professionals before any action taken, unless, of course you are a consultant yourself or a Date Selection practitioner.



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