House Checkup: #1 The Spendthrift House

The House that makes you losing money and spenthrift habit.

Do you keep on losing money without realizing it? Do your house have the sign of ‘Losing Money’ situation?

Photo by Jacques Bopp on Unsplash // I specifically chose the picture above because it is totally will give you a clear idea of what I’m going to share with you today.

I will share a few factors for you to easily spot is the house that you’re living in has this personality — The Spendthrift House. Since the outbreak, we stay inside most of the time. This is a great time for you to do a house checkup. See if your house has this personality.

There are three factors which is just as important with each others. The front porch, the hight differences(leveling)of the porch and the main road, the barricade to keep the Qi 氣 in.

Let’s start.

Factor №1 The Front Porch

By saying the front porch here, I mean where the main door is located. So, if you have another terrace jutting out from the side of the house, this is not about that part.

So, the main focus here is “Where the Main Door location is”. Let’s go back to the picture for a moment. In the picture, clearly we can see the main door which is guarded by the posts and having a couple of downward stairs.

The front porch of this house is quite small. Now, we want to pay attention to that.

An unguarded front porch like this one which leads to directly a set of stairs is one of the main factor that makes the house losing money. Or YOU losing money without any detection. Without you even realize that you have this habit. A habit that you could spend money and lost track about it.

Factor №2 The Height Differences of the House and the Main Road

The higher the first floor compared to the main road, the unfavourabe it is, the more likely it sets the house into ‘losing money’ mode.

Photo by Irina Murza on Unsplash // A very major difference between the house first floor level with the main road.

Let’s see the picture above. You will notice that there’s a walkaway between the main stairs that connect the house and the second flight of stairs that furthermore bring the house even higher from the road.

This situation, double downward flight of stairs, worsen the condition of the house. Imagine there’s water flowing from the main door. Compared to the first house, this house will flow the water downward faster.

The formal term for this condition is “Pulling Nose”.

I put an analogy about the water to give you easy example to imagine how Qi 氣 actually flows. The Qi 氣 in this type of houses has difficulty to be directed and conntained. The Qi 氣 is leaking.

Factor №3 The Barricade to keep the Qi 氣

Did you recognize any similar things to both of the houses?

Both houses don’t have any barricade or border that acts as a guard to keep the Qi 氣 from leaking and directing the Qi 氣 to flow from the outside-in.

The third factor here is being adopted from San He三合 school which focus on Landform. We want to mimic the good formation oflandform to a house. It doesn’t mean that by doing this you will be able to generate the Qi 氣 as well. Since, it is simply impossible.

By understanding the good formation of Landform, it also means that you do understand how Qi 氣 flows and moves. That’s what we want to achieve here.

So, is there anything that you can do if you’re being faced by these conditions?


Now, read carefully as I will be share one tip -one- that could mitigate the problem. Are you ready?

You will need to stop the Qi 氣 from leaking. My style to barricade the Qi 氣 is by using potted plants. The plant should be high enough, at least 1,2m height and having a good form or bushy. If you chose plants that lack of leaves, it might not working as well.

Check Syzygium Oleina as a reference tree image. This tree has a bushy feel and quite packed. Since we want to create a barricade, this type and shape of tree is preferable.

Now, onto the exciting part.

Where to put it and how to place it?

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash // Entrance is from the right-hand side.

Lets use this image as our conceptual situation.

The entrance level is quite high compared to the main road. The stairs is not exactly in front of the main door, but still when you open the door, it faces nothing. This condition is also not favourable to us.

We want to position the potted plants, or in this case, the Syzygium Oleina, in front of the door. Therefore we will not block the Qi 氣 to come in, but stopping the Qi 氣 to leak outwardly.

What we do here is actually just directing the flow of Qi 氣 so that it will not directly leak outwards and also giving direction to the Qi 氣 to ‘flow here!’.

Until this point, you might be questioning “Why does it matter?

It does matter because by realizing your money habit, you could save A.LOT. There’s a client of mine who faced the same condition and what shocked me even more was the neighbourhood is quite famous because many rich people chose to live there.

One immediate look around the neighbourhood, you just know and understand that those people who live there, they have the same problem. A simple yet powerful facts.

You might be thinking, well… it doesn’t matter right? They’re rich.

Let’s look it this way.

If… they are trully rich, they should be paying attention to their money habit and condition. If people spend money conciously then you should be knowing of where your money goes. But if you look at your bank account and as long as there is an improvement, then… I guess you should try to check your money habit.

Start from the house.

I hope you enjoy the article.

Check my other article here

Be safe and keep healthy.




Self-cultivate and improve life using a holistic approach of Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi, Feng Shui, QMDJ) to have a #harmoniousliving and #prosperouslifestyle

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Self-cultivate and improve life using a holistic approach of Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi, Feng Shui, QMDJ) to have a #harmoniousliving and #prosperouslifestyle

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