I want more wealth (money). Period.

Everything that you want is a form of energy

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This week’s article will be touching a little bit on the philosophical side of Chinese Metaphysics. I am pretty sure that other Metaphysicsl studies build their ‘world’ around this idea too. Trying their best for thousands of years to understand the nature of Energy, how it works, and ultimately how their existence relates to us, human.

I am a practitioner in Chinese Metaphysics, therefore I could only speak for my own experience and perspective on it.

Anyone who has undergone training and education in Chinese Metaphysics will eventually realize that everything that we want in life is a form of Energy. You might get this wisdom at the beginning of your journey when your Master told you so or somewhere in the middle of your practicing journey.

There are generally 3 things that people want to have more in their life. Gaining more wealth, having great relationships, and excellent health condition. But if you want to break it down more, then we could add finding life purpose, building their ‘passion’ business or career (yes, we build our passion about something), and cultivating inner happiness.

Those things I mentioned just now is a form of Energy.

I personally like to use the glass analogy to explain this concept to others. Let’s imagine there is a glass with a capacity of 330 ml of water. If our glass could only contain 330 ml of water, what will happen when we pour water more than the capacity of the glass? The water will overflow and spill. Simple math, right. When the glass could not contain any more water than that, the water will be spilled.

When we are facing this situation, what you usually do? There are several scenarios that you could choose. I personally think, “I need a bigger glass to hold more water”. Bigger glass could contain more water simply because of its bigger capacity.

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So, what does it mean with this analogy here?

Our life is the glass and the water is the opportunity (or everything that you want more of). If we want to have more in our life, we should improve our capacity of holding something. In other words, we should always grow and keep on improving ourselves, be it intellectually, mentally, psychologically, and maybe spiritually too.

If you could and willing to handle more things in life, when the opportunities go knocking on your door, you will definitely be ready. Even when your intellectual capacity might not be ready for it, but your mind is, surely you will be supposedly ready to accept the challenge. It’s because you have been waiting for this moment to come. That’s the reason why you keep on growing and improving every aspect of your life.

Now… the usual problem is,

Growing is hard, difficult, and painful. Imagine there’s a tree. For them to eventually grow so tall and big, it needs to face various environmental conditions, and it definitely takes years. It is not an easy deal.

And you know right, it takes wind for a plant to become stronger. That is why you will need to shake your house plant once in a while to mimic the wind effect. This is to make the plant grow stronger. It is a basic survival instinc.

Back to the energy concept. Let’s put everything in context for easy understanding, shall we?

If you want more of something, you should be giving out more.

Rather than paying attention to what you want, why don’t try focusing more on what the others want? You might want a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean anyone would care. They do care about themselves though. Everyone is. So, when you dig and discover what it is they want and fulfill their needs, you get what you want in return. It always the game of understanding what others need and want.

Let say you have a product that you want to market. It goes down to the whys you want to offer that product in the first place. Many people starting their business with an idea in their mind that this product will solve the problem. Ok, that’s true. But wait a minute… do the market says they need and want it as the problem solver? Hmm…

From the perspective of you who start the business, you know it could solve their problem, but how about the market? I can say that Feng Shui could and probably solve people’s problems but it doesn’t necessarily make people automatically know or care about it. Therefore, you will need to ‘educate’ your market about the real value of the problem-solving tools, then eventually offer the tools. So, you see, it is a long process, time, and effort. There are no such things as an instant-profitable business model. It takes time to grow, spread, and reach the target market.

Here’s an example of a short process of it :

You want more money. The market wants the problem to disappear. You offer the product as salvation tools. Marketing is being used to reach out to the market. The market likes your product and in return, they buy from you. You get the money in the end.

You want more money” is driving you. “The market wants the problem to disappear” is a target. Marketing, products, services are the payment of your side to get what you want. “You get the money” is the end result of the exchange.

Most people want the end result but have no idea how to reach it. Based on the cases that I have faced, some of the reasons are (actually…) they don’t have a target, therefore they don’t know what type of exchange they need to do.

You have a business and you want it to grow. You already know that you need to have a certain “valuable” quality to grow. But many still have no idea what is their strongest forte. I think it’s because they skip some steps of the process. Like the reason why they start and why people buy from them. They feel it’s only natural that people are buying from them.

In a world where the boundaries between countries even more blurry, this type of business will definitely find a hard time surviving in the market. They simply don’t have any strong reasoning, standing, and personality. The next 20 years to come is not going to be an easy journey for these people and businesses.

The upcoming period 9 is going to be a harsh environment and when you don’t know where your standing is, well… we’ll see.

Since the math is kind of simple, in order to have more, you need to give more. Having a bigger glass capacity will let you hold more water. The easiest and fastest way for you to survive is to look back into your business, understand your core value (if you have the ultimate secret sauce), how you serve the market and how you could give more to the market to help them and how you become relevant with their life. When you discover these key points, then you could start planning and strategize to reach your expected favorable result.

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The concept of Energy Exchange

Just look at it as a type of payment. When you have something that the other person wants, they will buy that from you and giving you the payment. Usually, it is in a form of money. So, if you want people to buy more from you (in order to make more money), you need to have what other people want with you first.

Providing what others need is your part of the Energy exchange, when people pay you to buy the thing is their part of the Energy exchange. Therefore, you have to have something first before you get something out of it.

Another example. If what you provide is a form of service, then the time and effort that you’ve done is the Energy exchange from your side.

The main idea of getting something more is, it is impossible for you to get more without doing anything. If you keep the activity the same, don’t expect a different result. If you’ve been doing the same things forever, and expecting more from it, that’s also impossible.

But… This is not impossible.

Of course, it is not easy too. Remember, growing and improving is tough. But if you want more… you need to understand this concept. The Energy exchange needs to happen.




Self-cultivate and improve life using a holistic approach of Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi, Feng Shui, QMDJ) to have a #harmoniousliving and #prosperouslifestyle

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Self-cultivate and improve life using a holistic approach of Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi, Feng Shui, QMDJ) to have a #harmoniousliving and #prosperouslifestyle

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