Nov 3, 2020

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I want more wealth (money). Period.

Everything that you want is a form of energy

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Those things I mentioned just now is a form of Energy.

I personally like to use the glass analogy to explain this concept to others. Let’s imagine there is a glass with a capacity of 330 ml of water. If our glass could only contain 330 ml of water, what will happen when we pour water more than the capacity of the glass? The water will overflow and spill. Simple math, right. When the glass could not contain any more water than that, the water will be spilled.

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So, what does it mean with this analogy here?

Our life is the glass and the water is the opportunity (or everything that you want more of). If we want to have more in our life, we should improve our capacity of holding something. In other words, we should always grow and keep on improving ourselves, be it intellectually, mentally, psychologically, and maybe spiritually too.

Now… the usual problem is,

Growing is hard, difficult, and painful. Imagine there’s a tree. For them to eventually grow so tall and big, it needs to face various environmental conditions, and it definitely takes years. It is not an easy deal.

If you want more of something, you should be giving out more.

Rather than paying attention to what you want, why don’t try focusing more on what the others want? You might want a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean anyone would care. They do care about themselves though. Everyone is. So, when you dig and discover what it is they want and fulfill their needs, you get what you want in return. It always the game of understanding what others need and want.

Here’s an example of a short process of it :

You want more money. The market wants the problem to disappear. You offer the product as salvation tools. Marketing is being used to reach out to the market. The market likes your product and in return, they buy from you. You get the money in the end.

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The concept of Energy Exchange

Just look at it as a type of payment. When you have something that the other person wants, they will buy that from you and giving you the payment. Usually, it is in a form of money. So, if you want people to buy more from you (in order to make more money), you need to have what other people want with you first.

But… This is not impossible.

Of course, it is not easy too. Remember, growing and improving is tough. But if you want more… you need to understand this concept. The Energy exchange needs to happen.

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