Myths surrounding Feng Shui

Additional Myths I’ve encountered regarding Feng Shui.

Let’s talk some more myths surrounding Feng Shui. The first thing we’re going to talk about is the door-door situation. The second one is about “flushing out” the money through monoblock (toilet bowl) direction.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

1. Door-Door Situation

I bet you must have been heard about this topic a lot. The particular door that we’re focusing on is the bedroom door facing the bedroom door. It could also be any indoor door, facing each other.

Bedroom doors facing each other by Flō Studio

What people concern about this type of door situation is (from what I’ve heard) the occupant of the room will be quarreling with each other or being in the opposite side all the time, which is not good for siblings.

I personally think that people misunderstood another door-facing-door situation, missing out the reason behind it and apply it blindly.

Main door seeing back door directly (in one line) is the one that we want to avoid at all cost. The main reason is because the Qi氣 have no time to mingle inside the property but directly going out through the back door. This kind of situation will also cause the Qi氣 rushing through harshly (Sha Qi) rather flowing gently.

Indoor door facing each other, what is it for?

For me personally, I use this door-facing-door situation to ‘catch’ a certain Flying Stars configuration to flow inside the room. This technique also can be used to eliminate or secure unwanted Stars configuration in a certain sector.

2. Flushing Out Money through the Toilet Bowl

This second topic is also quite famous compared to the first one if not even more famous. Let me show you first what does it means by this situation.

Toilet bowl facing the road by Flō Studio

I create a simple example by using this picture. Let say the right side of the picture is the front part of the house and there’s road. Then the monoblock is positioned to face that road. It is to be believed that every time you flush your toilet, you will flush your money out.

The source of this myth here (possibly) is because they’ve seen people with this toilet situation lost money a lot during their stay in the house. Or, maybe if you’ve heard the other reasoning, please kindly share why in the comment section below.

From my personal experience, people lose money definitely not because their toilet bowl position. It is because of the lack of understanding money, money management, and simply turning a blind eye in terms of money topic.

Reasoning behind the Flush — Out Money

In the Water formula, there are some topics covering about the quality of the Water exits. If you are Contractor, Architect, Engineer or Designer, you might want to check where the Water exit from a certain property. Failing to do so may cause the occupants losing money or even life.

This could be one reason of why people losing money, but definitely not because of the monoblock’s facing direction.

There will be more myths to be covered, I am pretty sure there are a lot out there. For now, this is my findings through the house projects that I personally handled. If you’ve heard some other myths and want me to talk about, please comment below.

I strongly encouraged people to do some research first before blindingly following the myths. Even better if you contact Professional to assist you regarding Feng Shui.

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