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#WorkFromHome edition

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Until recently, we have been locked up in our own house for more than six months. Maybe there’s a transition along the way, but overall, we were forced to adjust ourselves to the current situation and manage to work from home. Of course, by the moment this article is published, we all might have been adjusted ourselves to the #workfromhome situation.

I think it’s actually a good time for me to revisit my previous article which was focusing on the working area at home (since we are at home anyway…)

What I’m about to share with you now will not have the same content as my previous article. The one that I shared before can be applied forever. Whereas the one that I’m going to share now is more on the short-term basis. The concept could be reapplied again and again, but as the year changes, so is the location and direction of it.

Being productive is when you are in sync with the flow of work (energy) and time just went by. You are so focused on what you are doing and nothing else seems to matter. Within the same amount of time, you could accomplish so much, of course, if being compared to some other time.

So, what it is actually we need to do to channel that frequency to reach productivity?

This might not be the same article that you’ve been reading about productivity, but I can assure you that this article might help you along the way.

Long story cut short, we want to look for Star #8. The Time factor of doing things is another important factor, but I’ll have to keep it for another article.

Annual Flying Stars of the Year 2020 and Year 2021
Annual Flying Stars of the Year 2020 and Year 2021 by FLOUSTUDIO

Although you might think that the Year 2020 is close to the end, it is not ending yet. We still have 2.5 months to go and there are a lot of things that we can do!

Star #8 is one of the original Wealth Star (more about cash than an asset) and also the strongest Star in this current Period 8 (soon changing to Period 9).

The idea about making more money is to convert your asset (let say your intellectual asset) into money through offering products and services. You are receiving the money in exchange for the value that you offer. Therefore, this is not the Star to use if you refuse to work hard and wait for the money to fall from the sky. After all, money is a form of energy.

Since we know that this is the concept of Star #8, then we could reverse-engineer and harness the energy to benefit our life.

Star #8 in 2020 located in Northwest (NW) and West (W) in 2021

Remember, it’s either the location or the direction.

You could move your working area to this sector. Or, you change your working direction to face the direction.

Here’s another way for you to step up the game.

Set your working desk in the West sector of the house and adjust your working direction facing Northwest. Next year, you could tilt your working direction facing to the West. Therefore, you don’t need to keep on changing the desk location.

One additional tip for you. This year, 2020, Star #9 is in the West. We like Star #9 because that is the next rising star, the next Wealth Star.

If you try the technique, share with us what do you think about it and what is the experience that you get from it.

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