Self-Build House: Preliminary Stage

A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Build

It is quite normal people where I came from self-build their own house.

I dedicated this article to those of you who would like to self-build your own residence using Feng Shui as the personalization component.

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On The Moment We Start…

Firstly, we need the occupant data. We need to know their personal data such as date of birth (yes, including the hour of birth) and occupation. We also need to aware which position they hold in the house.

Secondly, we need to gather the physical data. Since the context that we are talking is self-build, it means the land data which consists of the land orientation and the surrounding environment. You may take some pictures as reference for later usage if you ever need them.

Step #1 — Analyzing the Data

Occupants Data

8 Mansions

8 Mansions table of Life Gua #2 Kun by Flō Studio

Out of all the 8 boxes, the directions that is favourable is being coloured and the directions that usually we want to avoid (unfavourable) is the rest of the box.

The Favourable Directions

Sheng Qi (Life Generating): the energy that represents productivity.

Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor): great for supporting health and receiving help for noble people.

Yan Nian (Longevity): establish good relationships with others and romance.

Fu Wei (Stability): being stable and focus.

The Unfavourable Directions

Huo Hai (Mishaps): harbinger of mishaps, loss of wealth, small accidents.

Wu Gui (Five Ghost): the star brings betrayal, gossips, rimours and backstabbing.

Liu Sha (Six Killings): draining ones energy, harbinger of lawsuits, bodily injuries, harms and scandals.

Jue Ming (Life Threatening): if it’s fatal, could bring death, or bankruptcy.

Please note that the notes above are the simplest summary of each sector, but of course not limited only to that.

Physical Data

Two main things. The orientation of the land and check the perimeter of the land if there’s a disturbing structure or not.

You could use normal compass to check the direction or we -Practitioners- use Luo Pan. Read here to know more.

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Now it’s time to do your part. If, by chance, you are thinking of self-build your house, now is a great time to do the practice.

List out all of the people that’s going to live in the house, find out their date of birth then determine their Life Gua and favourable/unfavourable directions based on 8 Mansions formula.

Unique facts: people that falls under the same group (East Group or West Group), they could mingle together with less problems rather than people from different group. It simply because they see things from different perspective.

It is the end of the Preliminary Stage,

If you have questions, feel free to comment down below or check our facebook page and drop us comment there.

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