Set The Store Mood Right

Improving the overall atmosphere of the store to invite more luck

This is the last article in the “How to Bring More Luck into Your retail Space” series. You can start by reading this first article. Let’s start the final episode, Episode 6: Store Atmosphere.

Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

If you haven’t read any of the articles in the series, let me brief you a bit about what it is all about. This series focusing on the basic yet fundamental things that you can pay more attention to, in order to bring more luck into your store. The series covers from the entrance point of the store, how you display your products, cashier positioning, and how to manage your storage room.

In this final article on this series, we are going to discuss the overall nuance of the store. This topic will not discuss a particular part of the store but it is the thing that covers the overall look of the store.

The store should have these factors to promote better Qi flows…

1. Natural light

Let your store have its natural light, this of course if your store have an access to it. If the store is inside a shopping where you can’t have natural lighting (sunlight), just make sure that you install proper lighting according to the theme of your store.

Avoid a gloomy atmosphere, unless that is the goal of your store. Dark rooms are Yin in nature and we want to avoid that. Make sure you have plenty of proper lighting.

2. Change of Air

Don’t forget to open the windows to let the air come in. Again, if your store is inside a shopping mall or another building, the window might not be a part of your store. Just make sure that you watch the air circulation. Keep the air flow smoothly to avoid musty air.

As I have discussed in the previous article, you also need to pay attention to the storage room air circulation. Install an exhaust fan to keep the air circulated well. The moving air will mitigate stagnation within the store.

3. Colour Palette

This is a huge topic if you study Interior Design or Interior Decorating before. Choosing the ‘right’ colour to make the store interesting is another huge topic to cover by itself. Let me get this thing straight before we start though, colours don’t exude any energy. But colours are related to human emotions and feelings. Certain colour elicits different emotions and feelings to different persons.

If you search for colours psychology it will tell you that different colours have different meanings. It is closely tied to emotions too.

The idea is to choose the right colour to match represent your business spirit. If you want to choose a neutral and general colour like black and white, I suggest you to give personality to the colour. Therefore, the colour will not just white and just black. Make the atmosphere exciting and interesting.

Now we have reached the end of the basic understanding to invite more luck into your retail store (business space). Have you read the previous articles? How much do you improve your store based on the main points in the articles? Share your stories with us!

Do you think that inviting luck into the office or working space will be interesting for you? Let me know.



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