Star #6: Giving Commands and be Charismatic

3 min readJan 5, 2020


Let’s imagine for a moment that you see someone that you look up to standing in front of you. He’s (also she’s) doing some kind of presentation or lecture, he (she) could be navigating and guiding through a bunch of people -probably his (her) team- new projects. He (she) has a charismatic air around him that makes people pay attention to him (her).

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Let other people understand you.

The power of speech and good communication skill has always been a challenge for us to nurture. Some people lucky enough have an inborn talent about it and with a little bit of brush up, they good to go. Choosing the well-chosen words which move and mesmerize people have been a “gift” rather than a pure skill.

“Some people are born with it”,

I used to think. But not anymore. While it’s been true (based on Bazi context), some people have inborn talent with the power of speech and have good commands, it is not impossible for the rest of us to up our game and have it too. Just as any kind of skill, it takes some time-effort-practice and courage mixed together.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Star #6!

Star #6 has been known as the Career supporting star. Rather than being much useful for entrepreneurs, Star #6 energy supports career people more. Having a proper command, be communicative, guiding and nurturing their teams are part of being in an organization and hierarchical structure are about.

If you are someone important in your team, then you definitely need Star #6 to back you up. It might be easier if you have Star #6 handy while climbing up the social ladder.

and if you are not interested in all that, well… Star #6 still comes handy on daily basis. Won’t it be easier if you can communicate your intention and people are actually following your command and leadership?

2020, Star #6 resides in Southeast (SE)

As per usual, you could arrange your working desk facing SE direction to be aligned with Star #6 or be in the SE sector in your house or office area while doing your work.

If your bedroom or office area is in the SE sector, automatically -kind of- you will be receiving Star #6 energy. It is definitely up to you, whether you are interested in harnessing Star #6 energy or just ignore it.

But you know what, you can’t simply ‘ignore’ the energy. Usually you will receive some kind of side effects from it -in this case- such as somehow you will be receiving more leadership roles, or they want you to be in front office and expose yourself in front of many people and most importantly people are looking and waiting up of what you’ll do. You’ll receive the attention nevertheless.

Whether you like it or not, it’s much better if you prepare yourself and harness the power of Star #6 and make good use of it.

Another tip. Pairing up Star #6 which governs good command with Star #4 which governs knowledge is excellent.




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