Top 5 Interesting Facts about Luo Pan

Non-practitioners in Chinese Metaphysics know Luo Pan as a tool to catch ghost or having some kind of mystical power. Wrong! Let’s try again. A collection of facts and stories surrounding Luo Pan.

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This is a collection of interesting facts and stories surrounding Luo Pan. And before we jump into the action and taking measurement properly with Luo Pan, I would like to clarify some information surrounded it. I choose randomly 5 things I hear almost all the time surrounding Luo Pan. Here we go!

“South Pointing Needle” Compass

№1. Luo Pan is a compass used by Feng Shui practitioners to take exact measurement of the directions. Unlike the Western compass, Luo Pan’s needle always point to South direction instead of North.

Luo Pan has nothing to do with ghost-catching activity. Thanks to Chinese old movies where the guy used Luo Pan to catch ghosts or vampires. Again, it definitely has nothing to do with ghost. Although, as the needle is very sensitive to energies surrounding us, it may give practitioners some information regarding the property. They are in a way some form of energy.

Your Personal Walking-Wikipedia

№2. Luo Pan is consist of a square-board part which housing a rotating circular metal plate. Each ‘company’ could produce their personal style of Luo Pan by putting different formulas and informations in it. They usually personalized the arrangement of the information. If you compare one Luo Pan to one another, it may look totally different.

The style of how ones apply Feng Shui formula also influencing which formula to be put in the Luo Pan.

In the ancient time, for you have to carry all of your books with you every time you do land assessment, it was such a hassle. Back then, they did not have our current technology. Hence, a great creation of all the important informations in one tool, Luo Pan. I daresay, it’s very convenient too.

Types of Luo Pan

№3. There are 3 types of Luo Pan. Each and every Luo Pan providing certain formula depend on the main focus of the assessment.

San He Luo Pan focuses more on the landform and environment features. San Yuan Luo Pan focuses more on the time factor, hence Flying Star formula should be on it. There is also the combination of the two, it is called Zhong He Luo Pan.

Luo Pan also comes with many different sizes. I highly recommend you to get the ‘normal’ version of Luo Pan. It would not be convenient to travel around with a big size Luo Pan, but also it would be hard to read if it’s too small. Check the real product first before deciding to purchase one. See if the size of each character is clear enough for you read.

The 24 Mountains

№4. Directions on Luo Pan is not only 8 directions (South-Southwest-West-Northwest-North-Northeast-East-Southeast), but 24 directions in total. Each of the main 8 directions has 3 sub-directions, which we called Sector 1, Sector 2 and Sector 3. Each of the 24 directions has it’s own ‘name’ and they represents by one Chinese character.

24 Mountains Template by Flo Studio

Side notes. 12 animal on Chinese Zodiac represents one direction on Luo Pan. Snake on SE3, Rooster on W2 and Ox on NE1. 8 directions are taken from the 10 heavenly stems (Yang Wood-E1, Yin Wood-E3, Yang Fire-S1, Yin Fire-S3, Yang Metal-W1, Yin Metal-W3, Yang Water-N1 and Yin Water-N3). The last 4 directions are taken from the Later Heaven Bagua, which is Xun on SE2, Kun on SW2, Qian on NW2 and Gen on NE2.

Hold -HOLD- Luo Pan Properly

№5. We are supposed to hold Luo Pan close to our body and never -NEVER- drop them on the floor. I know that Luo Pan is a tool, but it also a conduit of heaven and earth and you as the man part in the Cosmic Trinity be the one who do the reading.

At the beginning of my journey as practitioner, I heard that someone almost drop his Luo Pan on the graveyard area. He was scolded for good reasons. First, it will definitely damage his Luo Pan. A slight knock on the Luo Pan could damage it, imagine what a freefall will do to it. The high quality Luo Pan will cost you a fortune. Don’t be fooled by the affordable price. No good quality Luo Pan is cheap. Secondly, it is said that it opened up a portal to the other side, releasing spirits. For skeptics out there, you might think it is not scientific and call it bullshit. As practitioners, we know better.

There was also another experience shared by fellow practitioner. When she came to assess a house, suddenly her Luo Pan was thrown out of her hand accross the room by invisible force. You might call it ‘just another funny story’, but we are dealing with energies and more than ever we don’t underestimate it.

For me personally, I don’t take these thing lightly. Better be prepared than sorry. I’d say, it has to do with our own personal energy level too. If your energy is low, then you are more prone to these incidents.

There you have it, Top 5 Interesting Facts about Luo Pan. I am sure there are many more facts surrounding Luo Pan, for now… please enjoy this article. I’ll see you in the next article.



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